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Very watery, green, yellow poo ?

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Hi, i wonder if anyone has any ideas to help my 3 1/2 year old amer hybrid before we go to the vets.  she has been a bit lethargic for a few days not being herself. 2 days ago i picked her up thinking it might be egg laying issues as she has for most of the year been laying very thin/ no shell eggs and a few times i've found a broken shell half out of her. but i couldn't see any issues this time. when i picked her up clear mucus gunk came out of beak. i have been treating her for sour crop easing the gunk out of her  and giving her ACV It hasn't been really smelly and only seeds were in the stuff that came out and looked recently digested. she has never had sour crop before.  she has picked up a little & is drinking a lot and picking at food. she does a lot more sleeping during the day.  but she is producing a lot of very watery poo with pale yellow and green bits in it. there is no show of sour crop coming back. other 2 hens in the group are OK one is moulting but their poo is ok. She has never moulted. any ideas how i can help her....

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It sounds like some kind of digestive impaction/ blockage. It may be in her crop or further down, so is her crop empty? Green can be a result of what's been eaten, stress or infection, so if her crop is clear and there is no abdominal swelling (which may be peritonitis), I'd think the vet may want to prescribe a course of antibiotics? It's possible that internal inflammation due to infection is obstructing the digestion?

The first thing I'd do here is stop her from eating; just give her water. I must add that we don't have the option of vet treatment here, so you've got a better chance of helping her than we would have.

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