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How can you tell which eglu??

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Beware of the people on eBay advertising Eglus that are "two years old" but showing pictures of Mark 1 Eglus. If they are Mark 1 Eglus, they are more than two years old.


And even more beware of those showing the pictures from the Omlet website and quoting Omlet saying that the Eglu will hold four hens. They are doing Omlet no good at all, as what they are selling is usually an old Eglu that will only hold two hens. You need to see a picture of it.


There is nothing wrong with the Mark 1 Eglu: but you should not have to pay so much for it, and some poor people on eBay are being duped. It is not always the seller's fault: those who have not joined this forum don't realize there are two types of Eglu.

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I love my Mark 1 Eglu! the doors are smaller and the roosting bars are in sections - that seems to me to be one of the easiest ways to tell the difference.


I've never had more than 2 hens in my Eglu, but I reckon it would take three comfortably. I've never seen a Mark 2 so couldn't comment.

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