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Caring for a Roo

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Guys this is Neil.  After many years of owning ex-bats we went for a mixed flock from a breeder.  Of course Neil was sold to me as Nancy(!) but we are where we are.  Neil hatched in Jan so is 9 months old and has already fathered himself a couple of babies.  My question is....how do I look after him.  I'm used to layers pellets and grit.....does he need different food?  If so how do I keep it separate from the girls who are now laying?  Up until a couple of months ago it wasn't an issue as they were all on growers 🤔


Also would love to hear any tips suggestions advice from other Roo owners.  

Katy, Izzy and Neil 🐓



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19 minutes ago, HarrisonFamily said:

I honestly thought you ,meant you were looking after a kangaroo 😂🤣 - as you probably guessed I am no help at all  !!!


My first reaction too! I thought: how exotic! A kangaroo on the forum! 😂😂

He looks stunning though! Even if he is only a chicken... 🤣

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Yes I did too at first!   I ended up with my first Cockerel accidentally like you.  I was very worried that my neighbours would object so tried all sorts of things to deaden the sound of his crowing.  Most involved covering the coop to keep it dark.  All that accomplished was giving him a respiratory illness!  To cut a long story short, my neighbours only complained when he died.  They missed hearing him.   So I’ve always kept a Cockerel with the flock.   I have a friend who takes her Cockerel inside at night in a cat carrier and releases him at 8am when ordinary noises deaden the sound of crowing, 

No special food required. He’ll happily eat layers pellets.  Don’t separate him from the girls. It’s his role in life to look after them and find them tasty titbits.  You will soon learn the Cockerel for ‘come quickly girls, there’s a tasty meal here’.   The eggs will be fertile, but you cannot tell in any way.  You might like to keep them in the fridge, but frankly, I don’t bother.   The aspect you will need to think about is the ratio of ladies for him.  The ideal is 8 ladies.  Fewer and he may ‘wear them out’ with his attentions.   You can buy a chicken saddle to protect them ( True! Google it).   

I hope you enjoy him

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This is brilliant.  Thanks so much.  That's mainly everything I was worrying about.  I have 6 ladies and the 2 (yet unsexed chicks) but I'll aim to keep around 8 girls for him then.

My neighbours have all been great.  They like hearing him. He doesn't start until the Eglu cube opens around 8 so he's not too bad.  Waiting to see what next summer brings though.  Hoping I get to keep him as I love his personality 😁

Layers it is then.  As long as he'll be getting what he needs from it that's great news 

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