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Cat psychiatry!

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Hi - just wondered if anyone can figure out what my cat does & why. SOme nights, we let our cat ' Holly' sleep on our bed. She curls up at the bottom on my feet or on her little blanket and is absolutely tight shut asleep. We watch a bit of telly or read before going to sleep. I then get up & switch the lights off and get back in bed. As soon as my head touches my pillow, my cat who was so fast asleep, wakes up in a daze and wanders onto my pillow. She then stares at me & my head for a good 10 minutes very lovingly, then curls up in a little ball on my pillow around my head & very often burys her paws in my long hair. What is this all about? Does she think I am her feline mummy? It is so lovely & she is so predictable!


Hope someone can explain what she is thinking & doing.



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:D That sounds sweet, and just like my baby girl (a human baby girl that is, not a feline one)... she too used to be fast asleep until i lie down and turn lights off, then instantly she'd wake up to cuddle up.

I guess she just loves to snuggle up with you while you sleep... maybe that's her way of looking after you :)

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