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Chicken Sitting for Holidays - what a surprise!!

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How surprised was I? Went abroad for two weeks recently and took our three girls + eglu/run etc. to local boarding kennels. They were to be kept in a small area next to the stables which was being fenced off with chicken wire so they could come out. 12 rescue hens had moved in the day before in a separate area.


Left instructions about not letting them out for a few days until they got used to their new surroundings, stories about bullying/fighting etc. and left for hols slightly worried they may not be there when we got back due to doing a runner across the fields/foxes.


On my return from hols went to pick them up and as I walked down the yard one of the girls (Dora) walked past me in the opposite direction!!!! It seems they had the free run of the place - house, garden, sheds, cattering, kennels and imagine my surprise to go round the corner and find all three of mine happily mingling with the 12 other rescued battery hens which had arrived the day after them!!!!


They were all in and out of the eglu, sharing food, drink, nesting boxes in the stables etc. No escape committees, no fighting, nothing - just mates. They are definitely going back there for another visit, but this time I won't bother carting all the equipment with me - just the pod itself. I couldn't stop chuckling to myself all the way home - JUST GOES TO SHOW.

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My girls are fine, thanks Debra- I have just given them a thorough clean out in the lovely sunshine :D We are still getting 2 eggs a day!

So far our products on chicken knitting only consist of egg cosies :oops:

ebay comes & goes depending on if we have time to list stuff/have stuff to sell.

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