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Can you post any pics?


I tweaked mine a bit to get it to go together better, that maybe all it needs.

Don't worry about slight gaps at the sides as these are drain channels.


I think others have had Cubes that leak but I am not sure what the cause is. I suspect that they might not drain properly if placed on a slope with the run pointing downhill but I think ity would need to be quite a large slope.




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mine does not fit properly either and it leaks between the lid and the back pannel when its windy. the holes need to be further back so it fits snugly. there should be a gap either side of the lid as couperman said for drainage.

mine was a recon so the lid had already been adjusted and a new hole had been drilled on one side. i think they just need adjusting. i am going to put some foam sealer strip in the gap at the back, i just havent got around to it yet.

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We have just had our eglu cube delivered. Has anybody else had problems with the lid not fitting properly? We haven't had any rain yet but it does not look watertight. :(


My roof is a bit iffy. It clunks and sometimes doesn't run very well, and it leaks a tad when it rains hard. The gap on one side is much more than on the other. But I don't think it's that much of a problem as the hens need ventilation so I'm not bothering about it.


It reminds me of a TVR S I had a few years ago. The shut lines were dreadful - massive gaps around the drivers door and the roof leaked whenever it rained.


But it was a fantastic car and well worth putting up with the leaks etc. for - just like the Cube.


Before anyone gives me a hard time about a non ecological car, it was the baby version (only a 2.8) and I got rid of it a few years ago and replaced it with a more sensible, less polluting etc etc car.

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