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Auto door users? Light sensor help

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We have only had our door for 3 days so this is probably new user entry level stupidity however, the door closes at level 6 (default works fine) and opens at 26 (default open setting) and it’s not early enough.

If I want the door to open earlier (more daylight) do I programme above 26?

i know I can use timer but would like to see if light sensor works?



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100 is completely light, zero is completely dark, so you’ll need to lower the number if you want it to open earlier when it’s a bit darker.

if you scroll down on the display, it tells you what the current light level is. It will usually say 100 during the day when it’s 100% light.

There’s also a built in 20 minute delay when opening or closing, so the door will operate 20 minutes after it has reached the selected light level.

They need to add some information about it in the manual, because it’s definitely not obvious!

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