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Chicken Pecking Own Legs

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I am after some advice please. One of our girls has been pecking at her own legs, and we have also seen another chicken pecking at her leg also.

The legs are bleeding a fair bit, and we have strapped with a plaster, sprayed with anti-pek, seperated her during the day, only it keeps happening.

She seems to get back to OK for a day or two, and then picks it and starts bleeding again.

Any thoughts? Other than the blood there is nothing suggesting anything is wrong. She walks fine and seems quite happy, but she keeps getting covered in blood.

I hope someone can suggest something that will work.

For info, we have 3 chickens and they are about 25 weeks old.





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mullethunter has it right - regular use of a preventative spot-on containing Ivermectin (off-licence) will prevent or get rid of scaly leg mites. There are specific sprays such as the Nettex one, which will deter mites and suffocate them. I would also advocate the use of Sudocrem to soothe the legs while they are healing.

It's worth mentioning that the scales will still look lifted after the mites have gone, but the crusting will drop away. the scales will improve when the bird next moults, please don't be tempted to pick any scales off as this can cause injury.


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