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Eglu Go for rabbits

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Hi, We have ordered a Eglu Go and run which will be home to to two baby bunnies in a few weeks. It's the first time we have had rabbits, I am after some advice on the following; 

☆ Should we close the internal door from the hutch to the run at night?

☆ Can you recommend what to use in the hutch for bedding. Should it be a layer of sawdust and straw (with a little hay)?

☆ Can you give any advice on litter training

Sorry if these questions have been asked before. We're really excited to get the Eglu go and bunnies :)


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When getting bunnies, make sure they are either used to being outside or let them get used to being outside slowly. It’s getting a bit late in the year and they will need some time to develop a good outdoor coat. 
A good bunny rescue will have both outdoor and indoor bunnies.

When you have outdoor bunnies, they won’t need the door closed, as long as their hutch is dry.

The bunny rescue I volunteer at uses coar se wood shavings combined with a good amount of straw. You could use hemp bedding, but a downside to that is that it’s quite fine, so it will get in between nooks and crannies.

Bunnies generally will make their own toilet, which is one spot they do (most of) their business. If you place a bunny toilet on this spot, they are more likely to use it. Also put hay in this spot, as strangely enough bunnies like to munch on the loo...

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