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Protein for Moulting Chicken

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My nearly 10 year old skyline is on a massive moult atm. Any idea how often I should give her a protein boost? She ate a whole egg yesterday  (cooked and scrambled), turned her beak up at tuna (so the others ate it) and is also on poultry spice. Apart from that she’s on layers pellets and a tiny bit of corn when coming in from free ranging. Thank you 😊 

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Wow, she is doing well for a 10 year old.

I would get her some Life Guard Poultry Tonic to mix in with their water.

They can all drink it, helping any others that are also moulting.

Or you could try some of those dried shrimps especially for chickens - I think they begin with a G but I think of their name right now, sorry.

Mealworms are also high in protein but there was something on here before about what the mealworms are fed, so not sure if that is a good thing for them any more.  

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Thank you Luvachicken. I’d forgotten about the tonic, I’ll pop some in their water tomorrow. She’s like a little old lady in an old people’s home, she gets up, then tootles back to the cube for a rest and its warmer there and, then back into the run so toos and fros all day. She still gads about free ranging and remains very agile!

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