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Martin B

Dessert Tonight Help

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Baked apples -


score around the outside, about where the Equator would be (!)




Put in dish and drizzle maple syrup or brown sugar down the hole where the core was. Add raisins/sultanas.


Bake in oven for 30 minutes - ish

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Yesterday I did pears poached in red wine and brown sugar. very easy and quite delicious.


White wine would probably have been the 'better' choice, but i was using up left-over red wine. :lol:

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You want the truth??


My DD1 was 18 in June and we had a party for her. There was some red wine left over in a box. It is now October and the party was on June 2nd. :oops: So, you see, it was ideal for poaching pears. :lol:


I don't drink wine really - it makes my face go bright red (very :oops: ) and my nose gets blocked up so then I sniff and can't breathe very well. All in all, it's better for everyone if I don't drink! :lol:

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