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what do chicks look like when Candleing?

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You are going to need a nursery wing at this rate Laura, for mother and babies. :lol: Will you get another Eglu?


12 chicks will keep you very busy, if they all hatch. Now that winter is coming, you will have to take extra special care to make sure that they are warm enough.


Have you given any thought to what you will do with any surplus boys?

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Going back to candling... some of my eggs have had quite clear chick shapes in them, while others have 'something' there but are obviously not infertile. Beware of candling them too much, just leave mother hen to get on with what comes naturally. They usually know which ones are infertile and boot them out fo the nest.


I mark the eggs with numbers in pencil, so I can make notes from my candling, otherwise it's easy to get confused.

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