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how can i reduce the cost of a lovely eglu?

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I've decided - I rang omlet and I have an eglu reserved until tomorrow when I will arrange delivery! OH has agreed to have one so I'm so excited - found a few second hand but by the time I had collected the petrol would have been the same as the reconditoned unit...so ...i'm going to jion you all! I'm so excited!!! :lol:

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my recon cube was green too, wanted purple but green was my second choice as it does fit in nicely with the garden and I'd already painted the run green.


Mum now thinks we should keep the eglu too. Oh how the anti-chicken has changed. Although she let them out of the cube this morning and June had laid already (in the same bit of the nesting box where she slept and poohed) but Pengy "begged" for her to open the Eglu - so she did. Big softie.

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Well done on a recon - I have just heard on Monday 8th that they had none at the moment so I just missed out. Hope to join you all as soon as I can get one myself. Not looking forward to the bad weather though.


I looked one morning and there were 3 cubes - they had gone by the afternoon. :shock:


We aren't in a position to buy one yet, but I'll be keeping my eyes open when we are.

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