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Frost and chickens water.

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I was just thinking winter is creeping up on us again and the frost is looking for our chickens water. Last year I made a simple and very effective water heater from a sweat tin and and some bits and piece in the workshop. I have a frost stat on the one I made but you could just switch it off and no when required.The water never froze over last winter.(I only put it on the lawn to take the photo, the ladies love it). Have a go at making it. You know you can. If you need any more info Just ask. Peter.



28 - Copy.jpg

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Good idea Peter, but I have a fear of putting water and mains electricity in the same place.

Presumably the ball in the drinker is to see the level at a glance? We had a similar arrangement in England using plastic pool balls, because we had bell drinkers all across a large area and walking to check them was a lot of time wasted. We now use large plant pot bases as drinkers and in Winter frosts we throw the water away and re-fill in the morning; we don't get many hard frosts though.

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I do agree water and electric do not mix and you must be confident in what you are doing. To make it quite simple electrics but making sure it is earthed. You will see there is timber between the metal and the light fitting which could be in a different material. Wood is a non conductor and a extra safe guard rather than metal. I have had no turbel with the one I made. Thanks Peter.

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