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Oh No! - Big Sandy's a Boy!

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I've mentioned Sandy, my huge Buff Orp, a few times - not sleeping in an eglu or cube, being huge and clumsy etc. I hatched 2 Buff Orps and at 12 weeks sold the other one as a girl too - small comb and wattles, nothing in the feathering to tell me otherwise.

Well, for the last couple of weeks I'd started saying to OH I wasn't sure as she'd developed droopy, pointy tail feathers but no other 'boy signs', and anyway she was 28 weeks and surely she'd be crowing or 'doing the business' by that age if she was a boy.

So last week the girl I sold the other one to phoned and said hers had crowed - we laughed about it and I told her I'd give her a Cream Legbar from the recent chicks as a replacement.

Well, you know whats coming next :roll: - I was just out filling the drinkers and she let out the loudest crow I've ever heard. All the girls, and me, just froze, and she looked pretty shocked herself :lol: .

It's such a shame - he's a big docile thing and just plods about , no aggression, no 'boy stuff' :oops: .

So, he'll have to go :( - and Skye has prolapsed again today, so I'm trying to decide what to do with her too :(

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I'd love to keep him - but with a crow that loud :shock: no chance :( . A farmer chap that OH works with is taking him away at 4.30, and I'm wondering if he should 'take' Skye too - her prolapse has mostly gone back in this afternoon but she has yolk and egg white oozing from her vent. Thats the 2nd time this week but she seems well enough - I'm just frightened that it happens when I'm not here and the others attack her rear end (Freya was pecking the prolapse last week and it was bleeding. I was glad I saw it in time).

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