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Chicken Bully

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We have four chickens, one of which is quite a bit smaller than the others and has been getting her feathers plucked specifically at the base of her tail. After much observation, chicken separation, and anti-pecking tactics, we've weeded the bullying out of every chicken except one. This one chicken keeps pecking at her no matter what we do! We've tried different anti-pecking sprays, separation, watching and intervening, and finally the chicken vest from omlet to protect her back, but this one chicken continues to keep going for her! We're simply at a loss as to what to do.

They have plenty of boredom breaker toys and we've recently upgraded their space, and they have a good quality feed with treats relatively often.

Any advice on what we could try next? 

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I had the same problem with my girls. I ended up buying “spectacles’ for the bully.  And also threatened to give her to next door neighbour for his stewing pot! Happily I resorted to neither.  She settled down eventually.  Perhaps you could isolate the victim until her feathers rerun and she has grown a bit bigger?  

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