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Silkie stopped laying?

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Hi Everyone, so recently I added two hybrid chickens to my flock of 3 silkies, and it sort of mucked up their pecking order, although, my silkie hen continued to lay eggs every day, and suddenly in the last few days she hasn’t laid any eggs. She had blood around her last two eggs, not much on the latest one but it It was still noticeable, I added some inside parasite control feed to their feed because one of my chickens also had blood in their poop, which has gone now, but still no sign of any eggs?!  I’m thinking she may have injured herself while laying, but she is perky in herself and nothing seems to be wrong with her. Maybe it is because they are all cooped up inside their coop due to the lockdown, which I thought briefly but my other hens are still laying. If this has happened to anyone please let me know, because I really don’t know why she has stopped laying?

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That is interesting! I didn’t realise they didn’t lay in winter, thank you for letting me know.

The vet recommended Vem X (or something like that) which has pretty much solved the problem. It was only one chicken, I thought that there was maybe blood on the egg because sometimes hens can burst a vessel or something when trying to push the egg out?

They are knew chickens so have only started to worm them, and wasn’t sure if they had been wormed before, I am now doing it every month for three consecutive days.

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If you are using VermX, that’s not worming. VermX is a herbal remedy that is said to make the gut less inviting to worms. But once infected (and they will get infected) it doesn’t get rid of worms. It’s like taping a teabag on a broken leg. Doesn’t do squat.

You are best off worming them with medicated pellets, containing Flubenvet. Also once month is overdoing it. Best to either worm them every three months or send in a poo sample to your vet or an online lab every three months to see if they actually need worming.

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