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Winter temperature in eglu go

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Hi all!
As the temperature is pretty cold here in Lancashire and seemingly getting colder, I’m concerned about my 3 girls being warm enough in their eglu go.(they are quite young not sure exactly got them in august but only just started laying) Tonight I’ve taped a thermometer to the inside of the door when I put them to bed to get a rough idea of how warm it is in there when I wake them at dawn. Does anyone know what winter temp chickens are comfortable with? and what is the ideal night time temp? I’m considering getting the winter blanket but is there anything else I could use to help keep them warm? I make sure they have corn and other treats before going to bed to help stay warm too. Thanks!🥶



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Chickens are well insulated and most breeds do fine in chilly weather. I never used the temperature jacket (well when I bought mine it was temperature lining) on my Go. Some have had chickens sleep outside in freezing temperatures. As long as they are dry and draft free at night and during the day, they should be fine.

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I have 2 Pekins in my Cube (which is quite big for 2 little chickens)

They were being very good and were sleeping in the Cube itself, but the last couple of nights, I have found them snuggled in the egg laying bit instead.

They obviously decided for themselves that they were a bit chilly.

I will let them sleep there for now until any eggs start to come or it gets a bit warmer. 

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