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Yule time tomorrow!

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All this greenery has to be gone by 12th Night though otherwise those little people will make mischief all year long! I love the idea of a truce between us big folk and the Old ones for the dark of the year. So magical.


I took 8 kids carolling last night, with my friend who is a very good singer (I stood behind her) and one of their dads with a guitar - the children had tea lights in jam jars covered with tissue paper, and very sweet it all looked - we raised £54.79 for the local childrens' ward! I was so proud of them - they sang proper carols, all the way through too. I've got fed up this year with oiky teens who stand on the doorstep, give it We Wish You A Merry Christmas and then stick a hand out for money So I'm really happy to have taken the children out to have such a nice experience - some people gave them satsumas, some gave sweeties, and one very nice lady gave the grown ups a glass of wine! I will do it again next year - maybe not with quite so many as it was a bit riotous in places...


Off to do some last minute fretting now...



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Well done BS.


I am afraid that w don't get 'proper' carol singers round our way, just ragamuffins collecting for their own pockets :roll: I turn them away - I give a yearly amount to Cancer Research and run the Race for Life every year, I also give to a local 'hero' (Polly) who feeds the homeless every day. Cll me mean, but I refuse to give to those who are collecting for their own gain.


I wish we had 'proper carol singers' like yours round here :(

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I agree with you Clare. But that's why I organised our lot last night - because I felt nostalgic for the lovely carol singing that used to go on when I was little - people from our church would go round the streets, and sometimes people would come out of their houses and sing along too; it really made Christmas for me and I wanted some of that for my children. I get really sentimental at this time of year :roll: Christmas Eve is my favourite day, when it's all still to come, and we make mince pies and I crack on with the sherry...

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