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Hens Arrival

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If you put them in the closed coop for a little while to calm down after travel, that will be fine. Half hour to an hour is plenty. The notion of keeping your hens in their coop for 24 hours is outdated and to my opinion completely counterproductive. 
Do give them time to venture out on their own, but maybe give them a little helping hand after a while, to prevent them going to bed on an empty belly.

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I agree with Cattails. If they’re in walk in run attached to their Go Up there’s no need to leave them shut in the house for too long. Be prepared that you may need to go and put them to bed in the house for the first few nights until they get the hang of where to go.

Looking forward to seeing the photos 😊

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You will need to no doubt help them to bed for the first few days, keep food & water close by & leave them explore. Don't be surprised if the pick a 'safe' spot & stay there for a few hours/days until they build up their confidence to explore. Keep any intrusions to a minimum but talk to them softly & often as chickens will identify your voice very quickly. Baby or soothing tones to help. I talk to mine like babies & found it was a good voice to quickly train them. You need them to associate their new surroundings with safety first & foremost. As exciting as it is for family members to meet your new girls, overcrowding & over stimulation can scare them. 

hope that helps x 

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