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Help budgie training.

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Hello. I have had my budgie for a few weeks now, he is nearly 13weeks old. 
He is fingered trained in his cage, he hops on and lets me move him around the cage. He also comes out of his cage and at the moment loves sitting on top of the curtains. 
However he is reluctant to hop onto my finger while he is sitting on the curtains. He flies to other side of room to sit on the other curtains. He’s got me doing laps of the living room! Eventually he does hop on and is happy to stay on my finger for a while. I have tried offering millet and reward him with millet but he is not interested. 
Is this a case of perseverance or is there anything else I can do to make him hop on my finger out the cage every time? 

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From memory, you need to be patient.  Getting him to sit on your finger in the cage for increasing lengths of time etc is exactly the way to start.  Now he’s flying around the room he’s just excited by the freedom so let him get used to it.  Have a tasty treat handy to tempt him to you when he’s a bit calmer and tired from flying around.  We’d love a picture! 

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