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Mrs Blue Sky

Ferrero Rocher Roulette

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Enjoy the relatives - try this fun thing out:


On Christmas Eve, why not prep your Brussels sprouts? You'll be one step ahead of the game, and you can also do this: Have a nice big glass of something cheering, carefully open a box of M Ambassador's favourite chockies, and scoff one. Be careful to take it out of its wrapping without tearing now! OK so now you are ready to select a sprout of similar size, roll it back up in the paper and replace in the box. Do the same with a few more, and on the next layer, and put the box back under the tree. Say nothing. I did this one year (you can only do it once really) and my MIL's face was a joy to behold...


Go on , you know you want to!


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I didn't think of chocolate coating them - too much pop - but it's a terrific idea - roll in crushed hazelnuts for extra stealth! That would mean that the joke actually got into someone's mouth :shock::lol: depends on how one feels about the victims I suppose :twisted::twisted:


This has taken my mind off being mean to slugs I must say.

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