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Henley College

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I know my omlet friends live all over the place so wondered if anyone has any experience with Henley College - my daughter who is 16 may have the opportunity to do her A levels there under the rugby elite scheme but she would have to board there and return home for weekends.

Not sure as a Mum I am ready for her to go but this is an amazing opportunity and wondered if any of you have any negative or positive thoughts on Henley ??

Thank you 

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1 hour ago, Patricia W said:

Do you mean THE Henley College in Henley on Thames?   It’s excellent.  Very good pastoral care as well as curriculum.  

Yes - that is the one - it looks amazing on the website but just wondered if anyone had any experience - they have just started an elite girls rugby route and my daughter has applied - there are 2000 pupils in their 6th form - which is about the number of people who live in the village we live.

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  1. Oh wow! ES has a place there for September to do an extended Btech Diploma in Computing and IT. We are about 20/30 mins from Henley and he will go on the bus (£960 pa!) I know several people in the village with students there and have had very positive feedback. PM me if you'd like, Helen!
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