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doggy poison

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Thats really interesting reading, thanks.


Our old staffie Gizmo once ate a full jar of Colemans English mustard...got her tongue right down to the bottom & licked the jar clean.


Our new staffie Millie is a bit more refined & won't eat anything unless she is told that she can go ahead & eat it :?

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That is what i think I am going to have to do. It's almost every night always starts around 8-9 if we are lucky. Most of the time its after midnight and can go on till 1 or 2.


They just leave it outside barking,it does not even pause for breath in all that time. Its a King Charles spanial.


Its a house full of kids, dad always at the pub when I go round. It's usually him rolling in at 1 or 2 letting the dog out at that time!

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Nasty man :twisted:


I would give the council a ring Clare*, you shouldn't have to put up with that nuisance. I had to go round to the house that backs on to us last summer - some people had moved in there temporarily and left their dog outside all day - more mutt. I had a nice word and explained that I was concerned that the dog might have been abandoned (tongue in cheek). It soon stopped.


It's always worth trying to talk to them personally first.


Good luck.

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