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Introducing pullets from different sources

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Question. I'm looking to get 5 POL birds of different breeds. I've found 5 breeds that have my heart set on. Problem is they are from two different providers. Both fully vaccinate their birds. 

I'd be looking to get them at the youngest age possible for pullets which I believe is 16-20 weeks. 

What would be the ideal way to put all these birds together? I had chickens years ago (10) and I think I just stuck them in the coop together at night and there was never any issues. They were all from the same barn and off the same breed mind. 

If I got these birds on the same day and stuck them in the coop for the night would that cause issues? 

Any solutions or ideas are very welcome

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If they all arrive on the same day you should be OK putting them all in together. But if there is any delay, even a day, they may group as a flock and fight the newcomers? Run space is going to be important together with coop size as is doubling up on feeders and drinkers. We aim for a minimum run space of 2 square metres per chicken and as I'm sure you know with Avian Influenza they are likely to be confined to that run for many months of the year.

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It’s usually best to quarantine birds from different breeders for 2 weeks in separate accommodation in sight of one another.  That’s for health reasons.  Even the best breeders can have incipient disease at a hidden level in the flock.  Mycroplasma is one example.  because the stress of moving can trigger its emergence and infect your other birds.  You’ll never get rid of it.  So, I wouldn’t buy birds from more than one breeder to start with.  Best to get the number you want now, and then introduce others once you can offer sensible quarantine arrangements.  

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