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Cleaning eggs?

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What's the score on egg washing?

Decades ago I had chickens and only ever brushed eggs clean if I thought they needed it. I was going on the idea of the egg having a protective coat that getting wet would compromise. 

Is this information now outdated?

What is your process from nest box to kitchen for your eggs?

All advice very much appreciated

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The egg does have a protective coating called a ‘bloom’ which prevents bacteria getting in through the pores in the shell.

I don’t wash mine. I keep my nest box clean so unless it’s very wet and someone takes a load of mud in there, or eggs are laid in an unauthorised location (!) they don’t tend to be too dirty. If one was dirt I’d let it dry and then just brush off most of the dirt.

I don’t think it matters whether you wash them or not. The only time it’s a bit controversial is if you’re incubating them to hatch.

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If you wash eggs they must be refrigerated and consumed within three days. As Mullethunter says, they have a protective coating on them called a 'bloom', which when removed by washing allows bacteria to enter the shell. They would be washed with egg steriliser solution  immediately before incubation, which is the only time we wash eggs.

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