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Gape worm - Flubenvet dosage ?

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Hi. We took Frankie to the vet on 9th March - vet is good but not an avian specialist (isn't one near here).

She couldn't find anything wrong - apart from the noisy breathing (which hasn't worsened). They had all just been wormed with Flubenvet - but I now think she may have gapeworm. I have brought her into the utility room to re-worm. I recall that someone wrote that the dosage is higher for gapeworm but Flubenvet instructions don't say that ?.

Can anyone point me to any useful info please ?


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I don't think that gapeworm is very common and I think that the normal way of administering Flubenvet, at the normal dosage, will cope with them. I say normal because we have a very different method (not important and I won't enlarge upon that).

I'd be looking at another reason for the noisy breathing. Could be as simple as a pollen allergy, or dust in the feed, dusty bedding, mould spores somewhere.

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