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Im trying to make decisions on what hens to get, and something to take into consideration is egg size and frequency, and this is were Im having a problem, the worldwide web is providing me with all sorts of conflicting information, or just saying vague information like small eggs and 'fair' layers.


I was wondering if people could please provide me with information on their breeds or hybrids on how many times a week on average they lay, what months of the year they lay through and what size the eggs average in grams.


It would be soooo usefull.

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We have had our two gingernut rangers since the beginning of August. They are really friendly, follow you everywhere and lay every day (lovely large brown eggs with a few double yolkers thrown in). I would definitely recommend them they are brilliant. :)


Not sure of egg gm size, but the size you get from a supermarket as large/ex large


good luck, chicken keeping is the best! :)

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