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DHL - 5 stars today!

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Normally I have nothing but trouble with anyone except Royal Mail delivering. The DHL depot is 10 miles away and I've had to go there to collect loads of times as their policy is not to deliver without a signature and to arrange re-delivery you have to phone the rip off 0845 call centre.


I got back from the gym this morning to find a parcel on the step from the (sub) postie and when I went in I was double annoyed to find a card from DHL. Flaming card even has a box for left with but NO they hadn't walked throught the gate to next door (who were home) and left it there. I was steaming and well p'd off with the idea of having to drive a 20 mile round trip in a direction I wasnt going in to pick up a parcel.


Sitting here lunchtime (Neighbors just coming on) and the DHL van pulled up the driveway. To my astonishment he had decided to try me again on the way back to the depot! Even better still the package in question was MY NEW WATER BUTT!!!!!!


I'd been wondering when that would turn up, DHL man said they had had a huge batch in for delivery.


5 stars to DHL today!

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I replied for another one on freecycle today but I havn't heard back. I think it was a message posted by the moderator so wasn't "live" but I was damned quick so if they follow the normal first to reply rule I'm in with a good chance.


I had a result on freecycle too, I put a wanted on for some pallets to make my veggie beds out of and I didn't get any replies. Last night I found a message on my machine from one of the school Mums who had seen my wanted and had then seen a huge sign down at Travis Perkins that said "Free Pallets". Result!

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I just had my new composter delivered by DHL... Bad service on an epic level. The composter arrived broken! the caddy arrived ... Broken! no knock on the door... I was in at the time and heard the van. My neighbors was dumped right next to a foot path minus the caddy. I'm just impressed at how wrong they can get it!

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Now I would be so happy if they would just leave the stuff. You can't see our house from the road, there is no pavement outside. People just don't walk past - anyone who was to steal it would have needed to have walked down our driveway to even see it. "Ooops, word censored!"ody does this unless they are on official busines, we get "Ooops, word censored!"ody knocking to sell us stuff and no free papers etc. Oh we do get the village newsletter, delivered by either Ron or Jane who between them run the whole village (seriously between them they hold posts as councillor, school governor, church warden, horticultural society president etc etc) and I can't see them nicking my mail.


The postie just leaves it on the step, if it needs signing for he signs and pops it through the side gate.

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