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How have you connected cubes to a custom mesh run?

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Hi, Two things really. I’m seeing if people prefer their cubes on the outside or inside of a custom run. Pros and cons? 

Also if you have connected to the outside, how have you done it? Have you had any rats trying to get in this way? 

Thanks! ☺️

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For me, this rather depends on the size of the walk-in run.

I tried a cube inside an 8'x6' run (I built a couple of hatches into sides of the run for access to clean the cube and empty the eggs) and found it was OK but spring cleaning was a bit cramped. In hindsight, I'd have been better to have the cube outside and zip-tie it to the run. That way, access around the cube would have been much better.

In comparison, our current walk-in run is the best part of 14' square, with double doors. I designed it specifically so it's easy to wheel the cube out, so access day to day is excellent but I can also remove the thing from the run entirely for when I want to jet-wash as part of a deep clean once or twice a year. The benefit here is that I'm able to surround the run with electrified rope whilst retaining the portability of the cube.

As for rats, I don't think it makes much difference whether the cube is inside or out. If there is good reason for the rats to get in then they'll get in, and controlling access to the food will be of far greater influence. In my opinion, of course; I keep chickens, but I'm no expert.

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