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Fox AND complaining neighbour!

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Thanks again everyone for your support.


Olly, you were right about the 'no livestock' definition. It does include chickens, I spoke to a solicitor. So, bottom line is Neighbour is right, I am wrong. She probably would take me to court, she's that sort of person. So it is with great sadness (for my boys as well but mainly for me) that Clucky and Marigold will have to go. Omlet were sympathetic and can come and pick everything up - not for another couple of weeks though.


I feel very angry that Neighbour has effectively taken away my choice to something enjoyable for MY family in MY garden!! I will have chickens one day, just not here.


This is a fantastic forum and I will continue to read other people's chicken adventures!

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That's very sad news :( it must be awful for you and your boys...


I hope things change in the future, and definitions get clearer for everybody, as anyone in their right mind would agree that there is a difference between having two or three pet chickens, and having 'livestock' chickens in a breeding/farming/egg selling wider scale...


All my sympathies are with you...

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Really sorry tohear your news. I think your solicitor was perhaps being over zealous in assuming that "livestock" includes a few pet chooks.


Now that you have decided to send your chickens back, and that Omlet can't collect them for a couple of weeks, perhaps it's worth talking to your neighbour about it? You have nothing to lose now.


Ask her what it is she is objecting to really. It can't just be the clause in the deeds. I would imagine she saw the chooks and then went to ocheck the deeds, so the "problem" is with the chooks. Direct her to the Omlet website (not necessarily the forum), or print off the Omlet pages that talk about why you won't get rats etc.


See if there's something you can do. Perhaps she will agree to seeing how it goes for a few months? Although this means you'll lose the opportunity to get a refund from Omlet, you know that Omlet stuff has an excellent resale value, and lots of people on here would rehome your chickens if it came to it.


As I said, you have nothing to lose now.

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I think I would have a very loud conversation with OH in the garden (when lovely neighbour was there) about getting 3 little yappy dogs for the boys


im sure that they will rather have the nice chicken noise than 3 yappy dogs.


we are really lucky as our next door but 1 neighbour has 4 very yappy dogs that I can get to yap when ever I want to :lol:

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As far as I understand it these clauses in the deeds are put there by developers to keep the area haw they want it until all houses are sold. They can be removed with relative ease depending on the age of the house. I would speak to a solicitor about this or maybe contact Citizens advice.


Good luck with whatever happens.

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