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Not the new style, I think the design didn't work out on the new feeder, so it won't be happening at all as far as I know.


The new drinker has been produced, but I haven't had one yet, 5 months later! :lol: Think I might give Omlet a ring sometime. :lol: I suggest anyone else still awaiting items 'phones Omlet.

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I got one free Glug and Grub with my Cube as per the Eglu, and the promise of the real thing specially designed for the Cube later at no extra charge.


This seemed a good deal at the time, but the new Grub never happened and the new Glug never arrived. (We were told by James not to ask for the Glug: we would get it when they were ready -- see the sticky.)


I agree that the Eglu Glub & Grub aren't big enough for the Cube. Bringing in two drinkers and two feeders in from the Cube every night is a pain.

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The hens make such a mess of their water that I tip what remains on the nearest plant and give them fresh the next day.


But it is also because I just didn't fancy anything after having rats: they must have been drinking from the Glug too.


When I am feeling lazy or the weather is bad, however, I do leave the water out, as it is such a nuisance carrying lots of containers up and down the garden.

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Does that mean the grubs supplied are the same size as with the eglu? I was hoping for bigger as it will need to keep 4/5 hens going over a weekend, not just 2. :?


I ordered another grub and glug to come with my cube because of this, one grub would never have been enough because they wouldn't all be able to get to it at the same time - never mind last for a weekend :shock:


However, at our local garden centre they had some plant troughs that sat in some wire brackets - and hook through our wire mesh. We brought two of these and they are great :D



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