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Weird Growth on Hens Leg

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Hi, I have a silky bantam female, aged about 5 who has a bad case of scaly leg, to the point that it became lame in one leg. Two other silky bantams were affected but mildly. We looked up advice on the british hen welfare trust website and applied swarfega. This hen's leg was I think toodelicate and although we were as gentle as we could, it later bled and we didn't repeat the exercise. We then gave all 3 hens ivermectin drops once a week for 3 weeks according to the instructions. The mildly affected hens seem fine and are acting normally. The badly affected hen is smelling and I think has got an infection in the leg, though the smelling has improved so it might be over the worst now. Is it possible for us to get hold of antibiotics for it ?PXL_20210614_080921001.jpgPXL_20210614_080923876.jpgPXL_20210614_080926279.jpg

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On 7/21/2021 at 9:44 PM, mullethunter said:

I really hope you took her to the vet. That hen will be suffering as much as you would be if your leg was in that state. The vet will prescribe antibiotics if that’s what is needed.

I hope you did too.

That poor chicky will be in an awful lot of pain and I think a vet would suggest her being PTS.

Personally, I think she should have been taken to a vet before she got to that state.

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