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Picking up and handling new chickens

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Hi, We have 3, 11 week old chickens. We have left them to settle for 5/6 days. They are now come over when I go in to the run looking for food 😊 

I want to start handling them and getting them used to being picked up. Should they settle a bit longer. If I approach them they run or should I stick with the food/treats and wait until they are more comfortable with me. Just wondered what everyone else did! Newbie ,👍

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Take it slow and let them get used to you properly. If you rush it, it will only make them more weary of you. 
And not all chickens will get used to being handled. My Gerda still screams her head off every time I touch her. It’s so bad that neighbours come to see if I’m being strangled. 🙄

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