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Brahama and eglu go and up

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Hello everyone.

Im Gabriele from.italy

I Wish to know if:

How many brahama would fit in the eglu? Actually  we got a cube loaded With three brahama theyre only 3 months old but unfortunately 2 of them are roosters..so we Need more chicks and more space maybe to create Two families

So...could i add an eglu go and shares chicks and roosters between the coop?? 

Really appreciate your answers.best regards Gabriele






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Hi Gabriele! Welcome to the forum!

Remember if you get more chicks, the chance of even more rooster is rather large...

The Go up could maybe house 3 at best. But that will definitely be very tight. Do also consider the run size. It's not so much the coop as it is the run that will determine how many chickens you can keep. 1 m2 per chicken is really the minimum.

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hi there..thanks to reply

well ..about the run...we got no problems cause the chicks are all day long in the garden(800mq) ..in fact they come back to coop only for rest and for water...of course in winter (but in italy our winter its not so thirsty)mayeb they will use more the 3mt of run we have

so..i could consider the eglu up for roost and chicks(max 3)?

best regards


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Hi mulle thanks ti reply..i know what you mean i watched online a comparison video between them and yes its maybe half smaller then the cube...

Another cube now its too.expensive..alsoy friend( the farmer Who sold brahama at me) told me that now its Better to.keep.all together the new Ones chicks( that i Will get nex week ever from.him)With the Ones i still got...

Totally i Will try With 3 female and two.male...i.know about roosters but mines grownth together since theyr was 7 days old...

Crossing finger😅

The new Ones Will Be older about 11months each One...

Regards Gabriele





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