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Chicken can’t close beak

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Hi my chicken has recently started showing some strange symptoms. She can’t fully close her beak, and seems quite lethargic in the last few days and her tail is pointing downwards. She is generally acting herself, runs to us when there’s food nearby and acting curious and lovely as ever, but i sometimes see her on her own in the garden looking sleepy and down turned.  I did think cross beak, but i’m not sure now. I felt her crop and did feel a lump the size of a golf ball, but she has been this way for at least 4 days and i thought sour crop would kill her sooner than that. She has a strange foamy/gooey thing in her mouth and her breath smells bad, but like a pop smell. Her stool is normal, if a little bit smaller than usual. so I am wondering if it is sour crop. Any advice on how best to treat? The closest vet to us that deals with chickens is a solid 45 minute drive and don’t want to put her through the stress if not totally necessary but I am willing to do so if need be. Any help is appreciated, her name is Popcorn and she’s about 3 years old, I raised her from a chick as her foster mother pecked her and her siblings until they bled and we felt it best to separate. She is sooo wonderful and don’t want to lose her :( please can you help 

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