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How do your Cream Legbars lay?

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I got 2 POL Cream Legbars this spring and they started to lay nice blue eggs until June. Then they stopped and I have not had a single egg since. They look healthy enough too.

I have heard that Legbars are not regular layers - is that your experience or have I just got a pair that is dud?

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They're very late starters then Sparkleeeee! Usually, chicks born before the longest day come into lay before the end of the year, but I think your's are pushing the "end of the year" thing a bit!! My 20 week old Maran bantam is reddening up and chatting nicely, so I'm getting hopeful!

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Not very encouraging really - its definately a minority who have said their legbars are regular layers. Looks like I have some duds :(


We keep talking about maybe killing/preparing/eating them but I am not sure if we could go through with it all. Don't want to kill them and then find I cannot eat them. But they are happily eating food and i am aiming to make them pay for themselves at the very least, so I will have to do something.

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