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J Lawrence

Tatty feathers and bald patches

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I have noticed my lead hens  feathers are looking really tatty on her underside and she has some bald spots.  The other 2 hens are fine and she is still laying eggs but I wondered if anyone could help with a cause. 

I have not noticed any pecking or dust ups between the hens. 

Thanks for any advice anyone can give. 

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One of my girls is moulting badly at the moment - she had large bald patches all down her head, neck and back and they are just growing through again. She loses a lot of hers in one go and it looks like there has been a massacre in the run whereas some of the other girls just look a bit scruffy for a bit so perhaps that could be it?

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One of my Pekins looks like she literally sneezed and all her feathers fell out, into the Cube.

There are actually more feathers everywhere in the run from her too - she does look quite messy at the moment.

I feel quite sorry for her as it takes a lot of effort to grow new feathers.

I usually pop some tonic in their water to help them.

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