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Hi these are the best pictures I can get of my hen. 

She started what I thought was a moult quite a while ago...I would estimate back in June. 

She currently looks like this. I am not sure if it's a moult or whether it's feather pecking by the other hens. 

It doesn't look sore. It started with her bottom then a bit on her chest. So I thought molt then I thought broody. But her tail currently looks like this and I feel so sorry for her. 

She has a vitamin boost on her water. Was wormed just 3 weeks ago and isn't showing any other signs of illness. She is laying, every other day and is 18 months old. 

Does anyone have any advice? 


For info, she is bottom of the pecking order here, is highly strung, I haven't ever held her or even got near her, she is flighty. I am planning on rehoming her when she is in better condition as she hasn't been happy from day one. She is noisy...now when I say noisy I am not meaning normal hens noises, I mean proper sqwarking....some days for hours. She even has crowed a few times recently. She paces...up and down the side of the run most days....the length of the run is 7m (7 x 3 with 3 hens) ....so not short....pacing and sqwarking.... She takes all the fun out of hen keeping. I cant free range her She would be eaten by a fox within 24 hrs. 




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Firstly, it’s definitely not a moult.

I’m not really confident to say what is actually causing it. My first thought would be feather pecking by the others but it doesn’t look sore and it looks very precise. Same goes for mites really.

If I had to say, I’d go for feather pecking initially and then just the feathers aren’t regrowing.

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I agree. Thought maybe she is over preening? Making the feathers not regrow?

As it isn’t actually sore, I personally wouldn’t wait trying to rehome her. I’ve had two hens that had similar behaviour and I know how you feel. Really started to dislike one of those hens and my best decision was to rehome them.
My flock calmed down a lot after the last one left and it brought back my joy in chicken keeping.

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Thank you both for your replies. 

It's a but of a mystery as you both have said it isn't sore looking. 


I have put a request out for anyone local to see if you have space for another hen. Though am nervous to pass on a hen that looks like this! 


Thanks again for your time. 

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