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Not really Nigella Lawson!

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Hmmm, I attempted to be a domestic godess tonight ( I usually am) :wink: I thought I'd make Hokey Pokey & Bonfire Toffee to take with us to my sisters tomorrow ( she's having a bommie on her farm)!!!


Anyway - here is my attempt at hokey pokey - yes that is a non stick greased silicone tray....& that is the hokey pokey after much s"Ooops, word censored!"ing!!! The pallet knife is stuck!! :shock:




NYWAYS, I have now got bonfire toffee on the go.




I'm hoping for better results!!!!!



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Erm - yes - it did fizz! It was the last recipe posted on the forum in the hokey pokey / all things nice post.

Don't think I'll be making it again!

Think the bonfire toffee will be fine as it had set on the spoon after I'd put the tray in the fridge so fingers crossed. Kitchen smells yummy!

Will I need to coat it in a sprinkle of icing sugr to stop it sticking together in the gift tin? Or leave it as it is once I've smashed it all up?!



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Hee, hee!!! It's not as impressive as when I first made honeycombe though Emma. I made it, it stuck to the paper. Then I managed to get it off the paper and then put it onto a cooling tray.


I woke up in the morning to find the cooling tray had got stuck to the side by the cooling tray as the honeycombe had seeped through it!!! After a lot of boiling water we eventually got it all cleaned up. Mum found it too funny to be cross luckily!

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