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why cant they wait??

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ooooooouch! all i did was go to get some sunflower seeds for the birdies and nuggettt was soooooooooooo excited she nearly took my arm off!!!! :shock::shock::shock:


i have a nice bright red bruise forming on the fleshy part of my wrist. :(


she still got the seeds after a slight muttering on behalf, but gosh dont they get excited???? :?

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I'm lucky, Trinny has a chipped and therefore more rounded beak which hurts less, Susannah isn't as bothered by barley grains so I only get a little sharper pecking. My OH made fun of me has he has HUGE hands and chunky fingers and can't feel a thing, and was amused by my soft small womanly hands. :roll:

Should try worm/slugs, but not in my bare hand :shock: eughh :evil:


You should have seen the scratch OH got from Susannah. He didn't avoid the talons (nails pah they are too viscious to be nails) and got a scratch from wrist to elbow on his inner arm. Chicken injury sounds quite amusing as thay are so cute and fluffy, but some bits of them are viscious. :twisted:

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my girls especially Shiers goes mad when im in the kithcen she follows me round just in case i may pick up something for her to eat and when i do she does a great impression on a border collie at heel. sits on my feet looking up expectantly and jumps up to see what i have for her h and the others :wink:

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