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Numpty PAYG Mobile Phone Questions

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As per my earlier post, I have to change from Virgin Mobile PAYG - Giff Gaff looks like an option. I simply do not know about mobile phones and options.

Am I right in thinking that I can

1. Order a free SIM from GiffGaff,

2. Contact Virgin Media to get my PAC code (they have to supply this promptly) - I then have 30 days to use this code (so no great rush)

3. Activate GiffGaff SIM on their web site, add some credit to it using a credit card, use PAC code to move my existing Virgin Media phone number to GiffGaff.

4. Put new SIM into existing Phone (Nokia 206 - 5 years old - hope it works???).

5. Now have GiffGaff PAYG.

IF Nokia 206 doesn't work for some reason, I can buy 'any' similar phone from GiffGaff (they offer next day delivery) , put in the new GiffGaff SIM and be back with working phone.

Have I missed anything ? Any hints/tips/comments welcomed. TIA, H

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