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Poultry Mad, Louth

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Hi, does anyone have any experience of this supplier?


Reason for asking is that - as my sig says - I'm planning to get my cickens in March. I'm only "allowed" three, (I;m struggling to get my wish list down to this number) and I'm having touble finding a supplier who has all three (four) breeds that I want. Main cause: one of the breeds is a Naked Neck, which is proving hard to find.


I know that they have Naked Necks at Wernlas, and the only other place that looks like they breed them is Poultry Mad. I've just emailed them to ask for more info, but it is such a trek over there that I'd appreciate your views on them as a supplier before I make the journey.


Thanks in advance

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We got our chickens and coup from Poultry Mad at the end of September. We had no problems at all. I emailed them first and had a reply to say to ring Richard - which I did. There was no hard sell just answers to my numerous questions, we then ordered the house / run and 4 chickens and they delivered the run for us with the chooks. They have been fine, we did ask for a Black Rock but they didn't have one at the time and delivered a Bluebelle saying if we didnt like her she could go back - but there was no chance she is gorgeous.

I dont have much experience of other breeders but we are very happy, the birds are healthy and settled in together well and we were told to get in touch if we had any queries or problems.



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