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Not Eating Their Pellets

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We've only had ours since semptember but I have noticed that if we let them freerange a lot they tend not to eat many layers pellets.


The significant OH has left them in the run for a few hours each morning before letting them out and they then eat the pellets (presumably cos there's nowt else).


I've also noticed that the girls pick up grit from the veg beds (quite big bits aswell - I'd say up to 7mm!!). I seem to remember reading somewhere (sorry I've read sooo much I can't remember where) that they needed grit (for their crops to grind the food up) AND sea shells etc for a source of calcium for the egg shells. We got our first egg today and I'm saving it til OH and the boys get home before it gets cracked open so can't report on the strength of the shell yet.


We got grit and eggshells from Omlet and put it in a bowl in the run. They seem to take it when they need it?!?


Not an expert yet but hope that helps.



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