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I'm a new chick at this

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Hi There

We'er looking at getting the Eglu Cube for 4 Orpington hens, the friendly staff at Omlet say this is most we should have to fit them comfortable. I may have been let down by a supplier of the hens and wondered if any one out there knew of a breeder in Yorkhire or the surrounding areas. (we are looking at 4 different colours, pref. Gold Lace, Blue, Cockoo and Buff but also like the Black & White)


Hope someone can help as we are so looking forward to our new additions to the family (not sure if the dog and cat are though! :pray: )




On its way - (cube green)

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Can't help with breeders but wanted to say hello and welcome :) .


Our dog has been fine with our girls - we introduced him to them while they were in the run, then kept him on the lead for the next couple of visits. Now he's scared of them and runs away if they run at him!


Hope you manage to get some nice hens - post some piccies when you do!

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Thanks to everyone who has given input to our topic.


We have found 4 Orpingtons, all different colours, 1 Blue, 1 White, 1 Black and 1 Gold Lace. We pick them up on the 1st Dec and can't wait. Now the fun begins of thinking of names for them.


We let you know when we get them



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