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Extending eglu runs due to bird flu restrictions

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On 12/29/2021 at 4:43 PM, LJ68 said:

Has anyone successfully made a temporary extension to their eglu cube mk2 runs to give their chicks more space while restictions are in place?

I guess you mean by other ways than the normal extensions?

I know @mullethunter has a kind of polytunnel attached to hers in winter. I made my own not quite walk in run from scaffolding and mesh. But you have to be quite confident you don’t have any foxes visiting.

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Yes I had tunnels last year (looking at the photo there was an extra one joining the tunnels you can see to the Omlet run). They were good in that I could move them around when the grass got trashed, but the poles (like flexible tent poles) weren’t very robust and at least half of them had broken (due to the wind) by the end of flockdown. 

This year I have more chickens so I've bought a massive piece of garden mesh and used it as a ‘roof’ over the whole of their fenced area.


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