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Christmas - Cheat the diet?

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OK as some of you know I've been on lighterlife for 8 weeks now and I've seen a terrific weight loss. I don't miss food and I don't crave food. I do sometimes crave flavour and then I have a salty lighterlife soup (salt is allowed).


If was ws doing the standard 100 days (guaranteed 3 stone weight loss) then day 100 would be Christmas Eve and on Christmas day I would be allowed to eat some raw veggies as I would have started maintenance. Some of my group do intend to do this as they will have lost enough weight by then. The counsellor said that it would even be OK if they lightly cooked their veg rather than having it raw.


I hope to have lost 4 stone by then but as that will only take me down to 16 1/2 stone I won't be stopping I will be continuing until I am happy with my weight. However these discussions about Christmas dinner in group have got me obsessing.


In my minds eye I can see a small plate with some lightly cooked veg and a tiny bit of gravy. That would do me for Christmas dinner, shouldn't bring me out of Ketosis and really would be all I want (as a veggie the only other thing I would normally have would be stuffing - I know it could be terrible to eat that so I don't feel tempted). I would also like a very small glass of port after dinner, not even a full measure.


I know the veggies wouldn't harm the diet, the port may knock me out of ketosis but I hope not. Tasting food again could make me crave BUT the weight losses I am seeing are the greatest motivator in the world. For the first time since I was a young teen I can imagine being a size 12. I can see the day when I don't have to buy clothes from the limited plus size range, I can see people I havn't seen in quite a long time doing a double take when I say hello to them (I changed jobs right before I started - I would love to walk back into the old place and have people not recognise me!).


But I am obsessing about this veggie dinner. I see some spouts, peas and maybe both broccoli and cauliflower. By then it will have been 100 days since any real food or drink passed my lips. It will probably then be another 150 days before I eat or drink again.


The counsellor just tells us all how bad it will be to eat. Even the ones who are finished are planning to be naughty and have a roast potato. I don't even want one of those!


Anyone got any experience/advice?

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You are at the same place my best friend was this time last year. Her day 100 was bang on Christmas day. She, like you, was very motivated to loose the weight and because of this she had her plate of veggies. She still stuck to water and/or peppermint tea and resisted the alcohol.


You have a very good diet ethic, and I would say after 100 days plus the added fact it is Christmas, you deserve your treat of veggies. If you are worrying about the port, and you know you'll not be able to move on from having it, then don't have it.


Clare, my friend lost all of her weight and is now a size 14. It was very, very tough for her being on lighterlife around the xmas period with work outings and friends celebrating, but now she's on the other side, she is so pleased and proud of herself. She's maintaining well too, enjoys her food and loves being in control of what she eats.


You've done so very well. :D

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Thanks for that. I'm not worried about the do's. The huge staff do was something I was not interested in as its a meal and nightclub. I don't do nightclubs so not eating was a good excuse - I just said I didn't want to pay £20 to sit and drink water and then go home cos I don't do nightclubs.


I have another do at a classy restuarant and I'm not bothered about the food and they are fine to put an extra chair at the table with no payment. I also have 2 parties tomorrow and not a thought of eating or drinking. Although I might go crazy and treat myself to coffee with some vanilla shake in at the second party!

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Hi Pengy


I can't really give you any advice as you know what is best for you. All I will say is that every diet I tried failed. Until I started eating properly and exercising I couldn't lose weight. Everyone is different and you have found something that works for you. I applaud your effort as I know it isn't easy, especially with the festive season looming.


I lost 5 stone and 1/2 pound in total. It took me 8 months and I was constantly dressed in lycra (no comments please :wink: )


My life is completely different to before I lost the weight. I would still like to lose a couple of stone, but i am reasonably comfortable with myself now.


Have your veggies and enjoy the Christmas Period with your Son and Family.

You will succeed! :D:D


C x x

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Oh Pengy - I really couldn't do your diet - I have to admit it. SO well done for sticking to it! Be careful tho!


I'm doing Slimming world, which is more slower, but I can stick to it, indulge a bit & still lose weight. I'm 1lb off 2 stone. I find losing a little at a time, makes it stay off! I enjoy my meals, am more active & feel great! I don't see it as a diet but a sensible eating plan & better more motivated way of life! It's the only one I can stick to & am determined this time. I have a very obsese mum & dad with beer belly & worry so so so much about their health, that it spurred me on to change my life. I am very pleased I have done so.

Just be really really careful with your lighter life Pengy, that's all I ask. It's good obviously, but it is very very drastic - A liquid diet?!

Sorry if I have offended, but I worry about other people & care about them.



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My friend worries about me too but its perfectly safe, its a very low calorie diet like cambridge or lipotrim and I have had doctors approval and then regular medical checks. I get 530 calories a day and the foodpacks make it easy - there is no opportunity to swap good and bad foods and all your choices are gone. It just makes it soo easy. Also I get a 2 hour group counselling session every week and its a closed group with 11 of us in so we have all bonded and shared.


I've tried all the others - I hate the patronising meetings and the vegitarian choices are so limited. I always end up cheating with my points or whatever they are and having crisps for dinner rather than a healthy meal. End of the day I lose a pound one week then nothing for a couple of weeks and then I give up. I think everyone in my lighterlife group has given up on all of those diets. In our counselling sessions we are sorting out our food issues, learning about our trigger foods and what we can do to avoid them,


Well done for sticking with slimming world and losing weight!

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Try the lipotrim forum www.lipotrimusers.com (am I allowed to put this on here, apologies if not?)


It is really friendly with people all going through the same as you. There are many threads about the should I/ Shouldn't I do Christams dinner.


Last year it was about a 50/50 split for those who successfully ate at Christmas.


I would say no, I've started these diets a few times and it's harder to keep it up each time. Once I have one meal and nothing happens I begin to think I could do that once a month, then once a week and before you know it you are eating again. But that is me. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses,


My advise would be to consider this very carefully, you've done so well, and are an inspiration to me, is one Christmas dinner worth the possibility of sacrificing how far you've come?


The diet is designed to stop you thinking about food, once that thought comes in it is so quick to undo the good work. It is difficult to explain to people how it works, but I am eating at the moment and yet know I feel so much better on the diet.

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ok, now I am going to put a rather large spanner in the works.


there are 365 days in the year, and someone chose 25th Decemeber to be important. why?

if you are religious then the whole Christmas thing is giving and looking after others, not the "eat loads, drink loads, get stressed lark."


why cant you keep going exactly as you are, no change (except for little splogde getting presents,) and have your "Christmas dinner" at a time and date that suits you - when you are happy to eat.


I know a lot of people who have their work christmas outings in January and february (less hassle and can go to where they want to) im sure any colleagues/friends will be happy to extend their christmas to include your celebrations: for example:

* I can eat proper food again

* I have lost 2 stone

* I have lost 3 stone

* I have been on lighter life for 150 days


if you work this right, you can keep going for months :lol:


you could also have a "healthy food" party :lol:


it was just a thought - well done for what you have done up to now, you are a star





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Like some of the others this diet worries me


The counsellor just tells us all how bad it will be to eat. Even the ones who are finished are planning to be naughty and have a roast potato. I don't even want one of those!



it sounds a very unhealthy mindset to have and actually very similar to how an ex (we hope) bulimic friend of mine said she used to feel. As Emma said just be careful pleeeease.

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Christmas is just when we have the family all together. Guess who is cooking! Its a meal I often cook but only eat a little of so the cooking doesn't really bother me. I'm also having a Christmas party for colleagues and another for my lighterlife group. The second will be cheap - I thought I could go mad and splash out on......FIZZY WATER!


Bronze those who want a potato are just thinking they love them too much to go without - even though they will be allowed veggies to them that isn't a Christmas dinner. It is to me. The mindset really isn't unhealthy we all know we well be eating again but we will be introducing foods in a controlled manner, including trigger foods. There even comes a week when you re-introduce chocolate to your diet. Its all about recognising what are your trigger foods and how to handle them. Everyone who does this diet has to have at least 3 stone to lose to start with, some of them only wanted to lose 3 stone so they are the ones who will be reintroducing food for the first time on Christmas Day.


Its the fact that for 6 of our group (the others started a week later) our 100th day will be Christmas Eve that has started all the discussion.


I'm still not sure about the veggies.

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