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I have recently bought a secondhand door and discovered that there are a lot of hidden spaces that dirt and bedding can get into. To get it properly clean (as close to new as possible) I had to strip it down completely.

I know to some this is a daunting thought but as long as whilst dismantling you take pictures at each stage it should be fairly easy to follow when rebuilding. My only warning is the crush detector, it is sprung so that it can operate the cut off switch in the event of an obstruction, it is fiddly to get the cover and springs back without a second pair of hands.

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For cleaning such components, a more gentle approach is often advisable. Start by disconnecting power to ensure safety. Then, using a soft brush or a cloth dampened with mild soapy water, carefully clean the automatic door, paying special attention to the moving parts. This way, you can remove dirt and debris without risking damage to the mechanics.If you ever feel uncertain about cleaning delicate parts of your coop or if you simply prefer professional help, you might want to consider experts like Blue Diamond Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing. While they are renowned for their window cleaning and pressure washing services, their expertise extends to handling delicate surfaces and mechanisms as well.

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