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Anyone Know Anything About Tiles???!!!

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Just got round to replacing the kitchen after 30 years (we don't like to rush things here!) and, whilst we have kitchen units, wall tiles etc chosen and ordered - gulp - , we've just been looking at floor tiles. Currently we have vinyl which has been a disaster.....very marked and pitted. So we have decided to go for tiles as I fear laminate might not be good with any water spills. We've been to Johnsons and Wickes this morning and found tiles that we like.....slightly differing patterns but basically a wood effect but smooth so like wood laminate but heavier.  Hopefully will work in the long, narrow kitchen then through to the dining room (it's been hard to find something that will work in both a kitchen and flowing into the dining area without making the dining room look like a swimming pool!) 

My query is...what is better ceramic or porcelain? We've found one of each that we love but there is a huge price difference (ceramic about half the price of the porcelain). Overall finance isn't really an issue as it needs to be hard wearing and lasting but we are clueless about such things (along with every other DIY related issue!) We asked in the shops but both said theirs was better - well, they would, wouldn't they!!!!! Anyone able to help with this please? TIA!!!

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Ceramic tiles are glazed, so they are easy to slip on if wet. Porcelain tiles are naturally textured so are less slippery; that's what we had in our last bathroom. Yes they are expensive and a devil to drill holes in, but they are the best and in a small kitchen won't add much to the overall cost. Talk to your tile shop expert.

To do a decent job you need to put the floor tiles down before the kitchen units are fitted so best done when you are on holiday, because it will take a week for the adhesive and then grout to set..

It's the ceramic tiles that chip @Cat tails, the porcelain are indestructible; try cutting one. Ceramic can be cut with a tile cutter. Porcelain need a diamond disc.

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