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What makes the top hen get demoted?

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Molly has been top hen over the last year since Gemma died in the summer, above the 3 younger ones who are now just over a year old.

Somehow, Molly has been demoted and Nancy has become top hen.

They used to be good friends before but now Nancy does give Molly some grief during the day.

Molly has also lost her favourite sleeping place at bedtime.

What has changed to make Nancy, a very dainty hen, in charge?

I've not really had this before - the one in charge has always been in charge until they pass away and another takes over.

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Oh OK - I couldn’t remember how long you’d had Nancy. It feels like 5 minutes!!

I have no idea what the answer is so I’m only speculating, but I bet it is to do with hormone levels somehow. I admit though that I’ve never seen this without thou outside influence of an incomer upsetting the pecking order or somehen just growing up.

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